Sunset Sewer & Water

Sunset Sewer & Water Inc. is an underground utility and excavation contractor serving municipalities, developers, & industries in the southern suburbs of Chicago. Our Mission is to safely & competitvely complete projects to the satisfaction of our customers utilizing a knowledgeable union trained staff at competitive prices.

We perform earthwork for a variety of needs, including retentions ponds, footing excavations and erosion control. We also install a wide array of underground utilities, including water lines, sanitary and storm lines, fire protection lines, sanitary and sanitary lift stations and site drainage systems.

Types of Projects: •Commercial •Municipal •Industrial

Utility Division

  • Site Utilities
  • Storm sewer pipe installation
  • Sanitary sewer pipe installation
  • Domestic water line pipe installation
  • Fire line pipe installation
  • Sanitary Sewer line installation
  • Lift station installation (storm or sanitary sewer)
  • Manhole (storm and sanitary sewer) installation
  • Storm water inlet installation
  • Underground storm water unit installation (i.e. Storm Trooper, Rain Tank, Storm Tech).
  • Storm water outfall installation with Rip Rap, floatable screens, etc.
  • Municipal Utility Districts and City Infrastructure/Utility Services
  • Water line extensions
  • Sanitary sewer line extension
  • Sanitary sewer point repairs
  • Water line break repairs

Excavation Division

  • Directed by personnel with over 20 year’s experience.
  • Residential Subdivisions: From site clearing and grading to paving driveways we help developers painlessly navigate a notoriously difficult portion of the project life-cycle.
  • Commercial and Public Site Development: General Contractors are typically surprised by our efficiency, quality of work and genuine spirit of cooperation. We ensure repeat business by meeting deadlines, minimizing change orders and guarding the interests of our customers.
  • Streets
  • Drainage
  • Utilities
  • Site Work
  • Excavation
  • Demolition